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Recently we sent some furniture to 6 bloggers from around the country just to see how they would use it in their backyards. And the results were astounding! I think you’ll agree they all look fantastic. Check out what these bloggers had to say about their POLYWOOD Furniture. May be it will give you some styling ideas for your backyard as well. In conjunction with these … Continue reading POLYWOOD Styled

4-Course Campfire Cuisine

Warm weather is here to stay (we hope). If you suffered through the blistering cold, never-ending winter like we experienced in Indiana, we’re sure you’re ready to escape your house and get back outdoors. We’ve put together a 4-course meal that can be prepared, cooked and enjoyed around your fire pit. Course 1: Salad on a Stick Okay—Salad-on-a-stick isn’t cooked on your fire pit, but … Continue reading 4-Course Campfire Cuisine

POLYWOOD® Pair Up: Outdoor Rugs

Rugs are a great way to define spaces and complement your furniture to create an environment that fits your style. We found some great outdoor rugs with designs we love and paired them with their perfect POLYWOOD furniture match. This colorful floral pattern with its hints of green ties in great with the vibrant Classic Folding Adirondack in lime to create a fun look. The stripe pattern of this … Continue reading POLYWOOD® Pair Up: Outdoor Rugs

Bizarre-B-Q: Grill Recipes That Are Surprisingly Delicious

Be a little adventurous this grilling season and try some of these out-of-the-ordinary foods on the BBQ. These grill recipes will surely surprise any guest with not only great food, but a conversation centerpiece. Lettuce Chargrilled lettuce is a great way to change up a boring salad. Romaine and other hearty types of lettuce like endive, escarole, or radicchio are best for grilling. Cake Try grilling … Continue reading Bizarre-B-Q: Grill Recipes That Are Surprisingly Delicious

Stylish Compost Bin

DIY Stylish Compost Bin

A compost bin is hard on your landscaping, because it really doesn’t fit. If you don’t have a natural spot to place it, a compost bin will stand out like a sore thumb. This do-it-yourself stylish compost bin will complement your landscaping. Supplies: Wooden pallets (3-4) Saw Hammer Screws or nails Any type of flexible wire mesh Small door hinges (4) Staple gun/staples (optional) Simple … Continue reading DIY Stylish Compost Bin

Milk Jugs to Patio Furniture

From Milk Jugs to Patio Furniture

This video pulls back the curtain on our product development and shows you exactly how POLYWOOD goes from milk jugs to patio furniture. We create POLYWOOD lumber with recycled HDPE plastic, which mainly comes from milk jugs, detergent bottles and shampoo bottles. At POLYWOOD we have refined our process over the years to make sure that you get exactly the furniture you’ve ordered as soon as possible. … Continue reading From Milk Jugs to Patio Furniture

5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Canning Jars for Outdoor Design

At POLYWOOD, we repurpose recycled milk jugs by transforming them into beautiful, functional outdoor furniture. Rethinking the function of everyday objects is a great way to find eco-friendly solutions for decorating your home, entertaining, dining and so much more. Spice up your outdoor living space with these five creative ways to repurpose canning jars. Chandelier Herb Garden Citronella Candles To-Go Cup Vase    There are … Continue reading 5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Canning Jars for Outdoor Design

Board Games for the Backyard

7 Board Games for the Backyard

Board games aren’t just for rainy days anymore—now they can become fixtures of backyard entertainment! And with a little creativity, you could create several games out of one. We will move from simple set ups to games that are little more complex. Take a look at these 7 board games for the backyard. Giant Jenga Who could forget that tilting tower of toppling goodness that … Continue reading 7 Board Games for the Backyard