Board Games for the Backyard

7 Board Games for the Backyard

Board games aren’t just for rainy days anymore—now they can become fixtures of backyard entertainment! And with a little creativity, you could create several games out of one. We will move from simple set ups to games that are little more complex. Take a look at these 7 board games for the backyard.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga Instructions

Who could forget that tilting tower of toppling goodness that is Jenga? This version is made from 2x4s. It stands about 2.5 ft. tall, so it requires a whole different level of physical skill.

Spray Paint Twister

Backyard Twister

Nothing beats a rousing game of Twister. Tire out those kids while they try to stay still—its a miracle of a game! Simply spray paint circles onto your grass.

Giant Scrabble

Backyard Scrabble

Scrabble is an obsession and playing outside is just one great way to spend more time in your backyard. This DIY project involves cement pavers arranged in the shape of a scrabble board and square wooden blocks the same size as the pavers.


Outdoor Chess

Outdoor checkers can be simple! Create a large or small board out of cement pavers and wooden discs. Outdoor chess may require a larger, more substantial investment unless you are very good at carving.



That super stressful and oddly entertaining game of defying gravity comes to the backyard in this DIY project.

Backyard Connect 4

Outdoor Connect Four

Just three in a row… Go for one more. Go for it… Connect Four. That’s right, now you can have all of that ’90s board game fun in the backyard! This is probably the most involved tutorial we have listed here, but it promises to be well worth it.

Backyard Trouble Board Game

Backyard Trouble Board Game

This classic board game is perfect for the backyard, and great for a large gathering. You could use party guests, cups, or plates as pieces.


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