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Red, White, and Blue (and Green): Eco Friendly 4th of July Party Tips

Grilled burgers, ice cold popsicles, and printed plates and cups are staples of a typical Fourth of July party. Though these traditional elements always amplify the patriotic holiday we know and love, they also bring a lot of waste to your annual gathering. This Fourth of July, break the chain of wastefulness. Choose to keep your party environmentally friendly by following these seven sustainable and eco friendly ideas.

  1. Dinnerware—Choose recyclable items


    Throwing parties for a large number of people can make the task of dishes seem daunting, causing disposable dishes to be an easy fix. Using your own dishes is the best way to diminish this problem, but if that is too much work, choose brands like Bambu or Eco Products to lessen the waste you generate.

  2. Dining outside—Leave a small impact


    If your party is outdoors this year, make sure to lessen the impact you make. Keep a container for recyclables and a container for non-recyclable trash. Allow guests to have a great time while still taking care of the environment.

  3. Grilling—Know your alternatives


    The Fourth of July is famous for both its summer weather and the perfect opportunity for grilling. However, much of the food we grill has a higher water consumption than we imagine; red meat having a higher water consumption than vegetables or chicken. This does not mean you have to sacrifice taste for eco-friendliness at your party. Grilled veggie kebabs make a great vegetarian option. For carnivores, grilling as much meat as possible at one time is the most sustainable option. Check out some Green Non Grilling Food Options for side dish ideas that are just as delicious as their grilled counterparts.

  4. Green your beverages—B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own cup)

    Businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts invite customers to bring in their own cup and offer a special discount. You can follow suit with your Fourth of July party by encouraging guests to bring their favorite cup to the party. Save money from buying individual packaging and enjoy seeing the variety of cups your guests bring.

  5. Grocery Bags—Reduce, reuse, and recycle

    Instead of using the plastic sacks at grocery stores this Fourth of July, buy some reusable grocery bags to use. Reusable bags come in a variety of fun prints and colors, making this the most fashionable and eco friendly choice.

  6. Carpooling to destination—Make room in your vehicle for others

    Traveling to an extended family’s home or to the lake for the weekend involves a lot of gas. Save your own money as well as the resources of the environment by traveling with family members or friends going to the same area.

  7. Homemade popsicles as dessert


    Popsicles are a delicious treat that make the summer even sweeter. Making your own popsicles is both unique, eco-friendly, and healthy, which means you can give your guests a summer treat they won’t forget.

How do you plan to go green at your Fourth of July party this year?

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