Go Green with 3 Earth-Friendly Apps

Our everyday lives are so busy, that sometimes we forget to recycle or forget that the styrofoam cup of coffee we just purchased isn’t so great for the environment. Earth Day reminds us to stop and take a look around. This is what we are leaving behind for future generations. It’s time to step up and take care of it! Setting plans in motion is a great step to do your part to clean up and prevent future waste. We all have smartphones now, let’s put them to work to show us three small steps we can take to help make Earth Day 2015 and beyond a greener planet!


Check out the app iRecycle. This app allows you to type in your zip code to bring up all the recycling locations in your local area. It also lists categories for materials that can be recycled. Simply find the correct category and browse the selections for information on where to recycle. Example: Need to recycle your old phone? Simply go to Electronics -> Cell Phones and it will give you a list of locations you can take your old phone to recycle!

Shop Local

Shopping local reduces the need for transportation, reducing pollution and congestion in your area. Have you checked out your local farmers market? It is a great way to spend an afternoon or a Saturday. Fresh fruits and veggies that are grown locally are right within your grasp. This not only helps the environment but makes for a healthier, happier you. Find your local farmers market with the app U.S. Farmers Market Finder. Simply type in your location and hit Track. A map featuring green pins will pop up to show you all Farmers Market locations in your area.


Reduce paper waste and mailbox clutter with the app PaperKarma. This app allows you to snap a picture of junk mail that you no longer wish to receive and they will contact the mailer to remove you from the list. You will need to sign up for an account and input your address for removal, but the app does the work from there! Make sure to recycle the junk mail you are receiving in the meantime.


These small steps are easy to implement and not only help the environment, but they also help you! Starting small is a good stepping stone towards reaching your green goals and helping the environment around you. It’s not always easy to add another task into our busy lives, but these small steps have a greater impact than you might think! Start small and keep going—every effort to better the environment counts! All apps are free and are available via the app store on iTunes and the Google Play store. Have a Green Earth Day!

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    1. Thank you Bruce! We found these apps to be very useful and have enjoyed finding new Farmers Markets for fresh veggies!

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