Poly-Wood Culture : Behind-the-Scenes

Poly-Wood, Inc. Headquarters, Syracuse, IN

Culture. How can one word define so much?

I have the privilege of leading many facets of Human Resources here at Poly-Wood which allows me to meet just about everyone who will become a part of the team. Our culture is one I can say I am truly proud of, and finding people who ‘fit’ in with our culture is the first step in our interview process.


When you walk in, there’s a buzz…everybody’s working and everybody wants to work.



Let me tell you, I absolutely love being the person who gets to share a snapshot of our organization’s personality, values, environment and vitality.

I am trusted to give potential employees an actual, factual first impression of what life is like at Poly-Wood. To me, this comes naturally, but honestly I have to be careful sometimes. After all, they haven’t even had one day on the job, I don’t want to spoil all the surprises!


All cheerleading aside, our culture is truly magnetic.
But, don’t take my word for it…

Jake Lambright  |  Warranty Specialist


Jake is our Warranty Specialist here at Poly-Wood; on the rare occasion that there is an issue with a product, he’s the man you call. In basketball terms Jake says he’s the 6th man; not necessarily a household name, but he gets the job done when the opportunity presents itself.

He loves to cook (never by the recipe, just making it up as he goes), read, and relax by the lake.

When asked what his favorite thing about working for Poly-Wood was, he replied, “The opportunities to learn. I’m a hands on learner in every aspect of the phrase. So, I thrive in an environment that gives me that sort of
an option.”

Susan Miller  |  Accounting


Susan is our resident prankster (if you find pillows stacked high on someone’s chair you know Susan was there). Her official Poly-Wood position is in Accounting, as she describes, “I sweep up behind the parade.”

Among the loves in her life are her family (husband, 3 kids, 1 grandson, her mother and 1 very big dog), reading, learning (she’s always taking a class), spending time with any of her passions, and being a grandparent.

Her favorite part of working for Poly-Wood? “Just being here…I like
the people.”

Brian Saunders |  Shipping & Receiving Bldg. Manager


Brian (second from left) is one of the most polite people you will ever meet. He’s in charge of leading the shipping staff here at Poly-Wood; maintaining a safe & organized work environment while making sure our customers receive their product intact and on time.

His favorite people include his wife, Jessie, and their two sons, Liam & Owen. He’s also a big Notre Dame football fan.

If you can’t tell by the picture above (that’s Randy hugging on the right), the shipping staff can get a little silly. Brian admitted that his “Raymond” (motorized pallet jack) mysteriously turns off throughout the day…it has a full battery before he goes into a meeting but somehow when he jumps back on it afterwards it won’t move.


If you’d like to learn more about current job opportunities, hop on over to our Employment page.

Maybe we’ll be working together soon! -Ali

Me & Kacia at one of the latest career fairs



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